Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Just a collection of some outfits I've worn on nights out recently!










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Sunday, 23 March 2014


Posts have been lacking in the past few weeks, due to an overload of University work I must finish before the end of semester in two weeks! Meaning blogging with most certainly resume in TWO WEEKS! 

Blogging whilst being at University has certainly proved a challenge for me, but I've never lost sight of the passion I have for my blog. I am moving back home to Milton Keynes soon where, whilst having a well deserved break from the craziness of Uni, I can focus on this little blog of mine a lot more. 

In the meantime, I started a new fashion-focused twitter, away from my personal twitter as I am not ready to combine the two quite yet! I started a new fashion-focused instagram too, or you can follow my more personal instagram aswell! And lastly, please follow me on Tumblr! 






Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Interview 2 & 3

Below are some snippets of the outfits I wore to 2 more interviews I had recently. I chose not to do full length pictures because I wore the same trousers I posted about in my previous post along with different shoes, shirts & accessories.
This floral shirt I have had for about a year and a half I think. It is from H&M and was in the sale for around £10. Paired it with a pastel coloured, jewelled statement necklace from Dorothy Perkins.

This sheer bottle green shirt, with lace collar tips is from Matalan. I love it so much because it is suuuch a good fit on me and I love the gold detailing on the pockets too - a suprising find from Matalan I think! I paired it with my Nan's old gold chain and jewelled statement necklace from River Island.

For both of the interviews, I wore the 'Bahama Mama' colour Essie nail varnish, which is a beautiful deep, plum colour. I admit, a colour more suited to A/W but I felt the it contrasted so well with both shirts.

These chunky shoes are from Topshop. Picked them up for £18 in the most recent sale they've had. I love them because of the big platform and how fab they look against my skinny black pair of trousers. They are also incredibly comfy and very appropriate for interview wear!


Friday, 21 February 2014

Interview 1

As I'm nearing the end of my 2nd year at University, I am currently in the midst of applying for internships for me to do during my '3rd' year, which is a compulsory placement year for the particular course I study. 

I had one of my first interviews yesterday for a 3 month internship and this is what I wore. The trousers and shoes are what I posted about in my previous post and I decided to pair them with a simple sheer white shirt and bright pink blazer. This outfit is VERY me - a mix of monochrome and colour blocking. 

My face make-up included eyeshadow from the Naked 3 palette and on my lips a Topshop lip bullet in red - red & pink are set to be key colours in A/W 2014 so I thought the mix would be appropriate against my black & white top/shoes/trousers. 

I have a few more interviews coming up so will post what I wear to those too.


Thursday, 20 February 2014

New In

 Took a little shopping trip recently and this is what I picked up! I was on a budget but was pretty impressed with what I found! These are more staple items, as like I said in my last post, I like buying  sustainable items, that I'll be able to wear for more than one season.

I have a couple of interviews coming up for internships therefore wanted to purchase some new black smart-ish trousers. I was initially thinking that I was going to find a perfect paid in Topshop, however I found this pair of thick legging/trousers in Zara, in the sale, for £9.99! And they fit absolutely perfectly too. 

This isn't a super recent purchase, possibly a few weeks old? It's a leather and gold zipped mini rucksack. It is the cutest thing and despite it's small size, it somehow manages to hold everything I need for during the day when I'm out and about! I've never been a rucksack person but after some persuasion from a friend, I thought I would have a whirl and see if I could work with it. This little-un was £17.99 from New Look kids section. 

The perfect pair of pre-spring sandals, don't ya think? I saw these and immediately fell in love. This monochrome caged sandal is from New Look at the reasonable price of £24.99 and are super duper comfy! They come in all black too but for me, the mix of white and black would make it more wearable for when summer decides to arrive.

A simple, sheer black shirt and oversized peach knitted jumper. Such simple pieces that I cannot wait to wear together, and apart, and with tons of jewellery. The shirt was £8, the jumper £5 (sale) from Primark.

Another cute lil Primark shirt. This one is quite sheer, a little cropped and has flowers on, a similar one was sold in Topshop a few months back, so the £10 price tag appealed to me straight away. Again, so versatile, I think I will wear this with my black pinafore playsuit soon, hmmm.


Monday, 10 February 2014

STAPLE SHOES - london style

Now that I’m a fully established ‘Londoner’ I’ve become prone to lusting for items that are more sustainable than ‘Fad’. I especially long for shoes that are easy to wear, durable and will go with almost any item in my wardrobe.

These four pairs of shoes all look very different but offer all the same services – well priced, well designed and well, easy to wear.

Thick soled sandals – for easing myself into spring/summer. this style of shoe with the grooved soles, are everywhere, due to the discovery of swedish shoe brand Vagabond (amaaaze shoes) they are sooo 90's & just look super comfortable - love!

Nike's Roshe Run – trainers burst onto the scene S/S 2013 being shown as more than just a gym shoe. this trend ran (get it) through A/W13 and is still continuing to be a key trend in S/S 2014, (as beautifully highlighted during the Chanel Couture S/S14 show) but as fashion shoes, that really are ok to wear outside of the gym! These monochrome pair are perfect and considering they’re a ‘label’ arn’t too expensive at all.
NIKE - £69

Croc Textured Skaters – this gorgeous black, shiny crocodile texture has Luis Vuitton inspired written all over it (in reference to their S/S 2014 show), the slip on makes the shoe even more appealing - no time for laces in London! the mix of white & black is also calling out to me like crazy too....

Converse  - the all white, leather converse shoe is a maaajor style update to the average canvas shoe! this is more than a daytime trainer - super attractive, yet still a classic. AND the leather would make is super easy to clean, win win i say!  my canvas pair of white converse are coming to the end of their life so a new pair is in order; white leather – COME TO ME!
OFFICE - £54.99

what 'STAPLE' shoes are you wearing?


Thursday, 17 October 2013


These are all pictures from my instagram (click on the pic to enlarge) but it's just to basically show that I've still been around the past few months, just not blogging on this site, due to circumstances I won't discuss on here. I've contemplated deleting the blog entirely but I'm too proud of it. So what I'm proposing to do is not make any promises anymore about things I'm going to do, but to just take every day as it comes. I will blog when I can and when I want to, no pressure. From now on I want to blog because I want to blog, not because I feel like I need to.
A lot has changed about me as a person and my personal sense of style, I've grown up and know I want to change the direction of my blog slightly, which will happen in time.  So stick around, see what happens.