Saturday, 30 July 2011

shopping on a budget

It's one of my friends birthdays this week and this is what I've bought her. Due to having very limited money at the moment because I am unemployed, I wasn't able to go all out on her gift. However I was very happy with what I did end up getting and I wanted to show you because I go it all for just £10.
The bracelets are all really cute and my friend will love them. The 3 sets of bracelets on the left were all from H&M for £2 each. The purple bracelet set on the right is from the Topshop sale, also for £2. The two nail varnishes are from a brand I spoke about recently, MUA, where all their stock is only £1. I bought two of these because they are both really fun colours which will go with any outfit.

If you're shopping on a budget H&M have some really cute jewelerry for amazingly cheap prices so I would recommend there!

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

what i'm wearing 008

really really hot today, so decided to throw this little number on. DONT YA JUST LUV MY SHOES they are also the most comfortable things to wear everrrrrr

SHOES & TOP - Primark / SHORTS - Topshop

this song suits ma mood today:

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

what i'm wearing 007

Pretty simple-like ittttt. Not much to say today, still feel like I'm at the stage where I'm talking to myself on this thing hahaaa

TOP - H&M / TROUSERS - Dorothy Perkins / CLUTCH - Primark

Monday, 25 July 2011

weekly nails 002

I've seen this 'ombre nails' technique on a few blogs recently so thought I would give it a try myself. I think they turned out really well for a first attempt, Im so pleased with them!
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I used:
Topshop's 'Mover & Shaker' £5
Barry M's 'Crackle Effects' £4
MUA 'Blue' £1

-I love Topshop nail varnish because if you need to be quick, one coat will be perfectly fine and it dries so quickly. I also love the amount of gorgeous colours Topshop offer!

-Barry M nail varnishes are very good, however this instant effect nail varnish has to dry so quickly when on the nail it tends to come out really thick and gloopy, but it still manages to leave a good effect!

-This MUA nail varnish was only £1 therefore I wasnt expecting the best nail varnish in the world and I was right because to achieve an even, bold colour you need at least 3 layers of this!
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Friday, 22 July 2011

what i'm wearing 006


Went to Forever 21 a while back in Birmingham & bought these beautiful shorts! They really suck me in which I love. Also bought these amazing shoes in the sale for £6! £6!!!! Reduced for £30! I was in total shock that they were so cheap.

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Im off out tonight, unfortunately this outfit is not appropriate for where I'm going, more like jumpers and scarves as I will be out in the cold until early hours of the morning; brilliant!:')

SHIRT - Topshop / SHORTS & SHOES - Forever 21 / JEWELLERY - Miss Selfridge

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

what i'm wearing 005

just another outfit post. was trying to be a bit clever with the change of coloured tops;)

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SKIRT - American Apparel / TOPS, BELT, SHOES - Primark

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I am crazy about jewellery. I honestly own so much and as silly as it sounds every single piece of jewellery I own is so important to me, therefore I thought I would show you my collection and take you through some of my favourite pieces, starting with necklaces.

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PIC NO.1 - I got this very recently and havent stopped wearing it, the colours literally go with everything I own and the plastic cross is quite large and makes a plain top look more exciting. This was from the Topshop sale for £3.50

PIC NO.2 - These two necklaces are my most favourite shorter necklaces, I usually wear longer ones however when I feel the need to wear a shorter one I go for one of these two. The name necklace is a copy of Carries 'Carrie' necklace from sex & the city. I love Carrie the character, she is so inspiring with her fashion statements, especially in the earlier episodes. The bird necklace is probably the oldest necklace I own and one of the first ones I ever bought, its quite special to me. The name necklace was a birthday gift from my mother therefore not sure on prices but I know it was bought from a website. The bird necklace was from Matalan for £3.

PIC NO.3 - These are both very long necklaces and two of my favourite 'stone' looking necklaces. Again I love the colours in both of these and the patterns are just so interesting. The pink necklace was from the Matalan sale for £2 & the teal necklace was from the Topshop sale for £3.50

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PIC NO.4 - I've had a previous obsession with feathers and have a few feather necklaces however this black one is my favourite, the feathers are so smooth and quite large, they look so cute against a brightly coloured top. The heart necklace is so dainty and I love the design of it. The rusty look makes it look slightly vintage too which I adore. The feather necklace was from Miss Selfridge for £12 and the heart necklace was from Urban Outfitters for £15

PIC NO.5 - close up of heart necklace

PIC NO.6 - This is quite a long necklace and the pendant is quite large. I love it because it looks very tribal and makes any outfit look quite boho. The design is really pretty and I love the chains that look like tassels. This was from Miss Selfridge for £12

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These two pictures are a close up of all the rest of my necklaces. However these pictures are only showing a third of my whole jewellery collection. More posts to come soon on the rest of it.

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Monday, 18 July 2011

what i'm wearing 004

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Last week at school, I am so looking forward to the summer holidays, I think I might just sleep through the whole of it! My energy levels are 0 at the moment and the weather hasn't been helping this either, its literally winter outside! Thats why I'm wrapped up in this oversized knitted cardi from..wait for it...Primark :)

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So I couldnt keep my nails all artified for too long, what am I like! I've painted them this gorgeous glittery blue which is from Barry M. I'm loving glitter at the moment and am definitely on the search for some more glitter nail varnishes, we all need a little sparrrrkle in our lives to be honest.

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

what i'm wearing 003

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Just wanted to show you one of my wardrobe staple items which is the black skinny trousers I'm wearing. I think its important for us to all own a pair of black skinny trousers or jeans because they literally go with anything! You can dress them up, dress them down and that is what I truly love about them - they are so diverse. Also being from Topshop they were reasonably priced at £36.

The rest of the outfit includes a orange shirt I got from the Topshop sale at £10! It was the colour that caught my eye, its so gorgeous! And the clutch bag, from Primark, was £3! You will come to learn soon that I am a massive fan of Primark, I never fail to find some little gems in there!

TROUSERS - Topshop / SHIRT - Topshop / BELT, CUFF, CLUTCH - Primark

Saturday, 16 July 2011

weekly nails 001

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So I'm incredibly obsessed with painting my nails/nail art etc.! And this week I went into a little salon and got some nail art done for £10 and I think they turned out so cute, I love them.
What do you think? Im hoping they last for at least a week, I'm not usually one for keeping on nail varnish for more than 3 days though!

Friday, 15 July 2011

what i'm wearing 001

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SHORTS - Topshop / KIMONO - Primark / NECKLACE - Primark

The material of both the shorts and kimono make me happy, they were perfect for todays incredibly warm climate.

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