Saturday, 30 July 2011

shopping on a budget

It's one of my friends birthdays this week and this is what I've bought her. Due to having very limited money at the moment because I am unemployed, I wasn't able to go all out on her gift. However I was very happy with what I did end up getting and I wanted to show you because I go it all for just £10.
The bracelets are all really cute and my friend will love them. The 3 sets of bracelets on the left were all from H&M for £2 each. The purple bracelet set on the right is from the Topshop sale, also for £2. The two nail varnishes are from a brand I spoke about recently, MUA, where all their stock is only £1. I bought two of these because they are both really fun colours which will go with any outfit.

If you're shopping on a budget H&M have some really cute jewelerry for amazingly cheap prices so I would recommend there!

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  1. great haul, im sure your friend will love it

    x Camilla

    LOVE dress giveaway on my blog :)