Sunday, 17 July 2011

what i'm wearing 003

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Just wanted to show you one of my wardrobe staple items which is the black skinny trousers I'm wearing. I think its important for us to all own a pair of black skinny trousers or jeans because they literally go with anything! You can dress them up, dress them down and that is what I truly love about them - they are so diverse. Also being from Topshop they were reasonably priced at £36.

The rest of the outfit includes a orange shirt I got from the Topshop sale at £10! It was the colour that caught my eye, its so gorgeous! And the clutch bag, from Primark, was £3! You will come to learn soon that I am a massive fan of Primark, I never fail to find some little gems in there!

TROUSERS - Topshop / SHIRT - Topshop / BELT, CUFF, CLUTCH - Primark


  1. Ahh I've had no luck in the Topshop sales! The top is incredibly lovely, great find
    It would be mine

  2. ur so cute! that top is lovely!

  3. This bag reminds me of peacock feathers.

  4. Can't go wrong with a good pair of skinnies! Your hair is so lovely! - I'm not at all jealous...

    Carly x

  5. wow your beautiful :) love this post, following :)
    could you please check out mine and follow back if you like it? :)