Saturday, 16 July 2011

weekly nails 001

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So I'm incredibly obsessed with painting my nails/nail art etc.! And this week I went into a little salon and got some nail art done for £10 and I think they turned out so cute, I love them.
What do you think? Im hoping they last for at least a week, I'm not usually one for keeping on nail varnish for more than 3 days though!


  1. Reallyreally pretty! I love getting my nails done too :)

  2. Those are so cool! I'm hoping to be able to save up and go to WAH nails. The old school tattoo nails look so good there :) Panda xo

  3. Wow they look so nice! Really summery and it kind of reminds me of Hawaii! :)

    Gem x

  4. super pretty :) not too bad price either

    I think I've damaged brain cells with the amount of nail paint I've used at the moment