Thursday, 6 December 2012

what i'm wearing 030

It's starting to get ridiculously cold outside now and literally all I want to do is wear big jumpers and chunky scarves! Wearing my new Matalan boots here with some Topshop jeans. What do you guys think?

 The jumper is from Primark and is so snuggly and warm. The wool is so soft which is something I didn't expect from Primark,  at £10 though I am wondering how long it will last... Unfortunately the scarf I'm wearing here I have now lost! Literally devastated;( I got it in the New Look sale earlier this year and I adore the colours in it. Also I'm wearing lipstick, which is a very rare occurrence for me I must say! Not used to seeing myself with such a bright colour on my lips, but thought it was necessary due to the neutral colours I was wearing. 



Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Matalan Shoes

I bought these three pairs of shoes a couple of weeks ago from Matalan. The boots, that are very Isabel Marant style, will look so fab with skinny jeans. They were a steal at £20 and are so comfortable! I am a sucker for the slipper style shoe ever since I bought my first pair from Topshop about a year ago. I especially love Matalan slippers because my Topshop ones haven't lasted more than a few months until I have to replace them but the slippers from Matalan are so sturdy and have a little heel which give it a really sophisticated 'slipper look' which I love. The first pair I bought are black with studs all over and the second pair are covered in a gorgeous floral fabric with a gold heel which I can match with all my gold jewellery! The floral ones are £12 and the studded pair were £14 which is so much cheaper than Topshop ones!

In other news, I got the opportunity to visit River Island head offices with my university class on Friday. We got shown round by the assistant buyer for menswear accessories and a designer for menswear. It was the most amazing experience, to see what they do on a day to day basis and how much work goes into one season of collections. There were rails of clothes that filled up every inch of wall and mood boards scattered everywhere. We also got to see where they hold important range meetings and the mock shop where they set up collections to see how it would look when it's actually in store. It was such an inspirational trip and has motivated me so much to get through these 4 years at university!


Monday, 12 November 2012

what i'm wearing 028


Wearing one of my favourite shirts I've bought this season from Topshop. The collar tips and pattern of the shirt are so perfect and I feel this looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. The jacket is one of those military jackets with the leather sleeves which I feel will only be around for a short while but it was from the kids section therefore quite cheap! The boots, oh the boooots! Went down from £65 to £27 (including student discount) how amazing! I've been after some little winter boots but I don't usually find ones I like because I've got quite short legs therefore ankle boots tend to look odd on me. However these sit just below the ankle therefore I couldn't say no to them! 

Been such a busy week! Have so many presentations coming up at Uni which I can't wait to get out the way! But I'm gunna try not let the work get in the way of blogging.

FUR SCARF - gift from a friend

P.S. Instagram meeee! - shannylou


Thursday, 8 November 2012

what i'm wearing 027

HELLO! so university has been mental so far, finally found the time to take some outfit pictures. I've taken a new approach to where I photograph so I hope you all like it, decided that my usual white wall was becoming a little bland & plus my new room is so tiny - definitely not a nice backdrop for pictures!

COAT - Mango
SKIRT - River Island
SHIRT - Pull & Bear

Since being at university, and over the summer that I was absent from blogging, I bought so much new stuff that I'm super excited to show you guys.
This coat to begin with is my favourite new purchase! I've adored the whole boyfriend style coat since the beginning of A/W and saw this one at Mango for a bargain price of £39.99. It honestly goes with everything in my wardrobe!
When I first saw collar chains come into stores I wasn't too convinced but by the time I got to thinking that actually yes I DO NEED ONE they had none I liked instock, therefore when I saw this one in H&M for an amazing £3.99 I grabbed it off the rail immediately.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

instagram diary 002

here's a lil instagram update on things i've been up to whilst i've been away!

OOTD / pretty collar / H&M phone cases / Gary Barlow at my college graduation! / conformation letter for my place at university / my new tattoo (liebe = love in german) / models own varnishes / new makeup / WIWT going out / nails using models own / skin diver / collection of uni stuff, all pink! / OOTD / american apparel neon pink varnish & MAC's saint germain / my best friends / birthday outfit / flowers from my boy / presents from my boy / birthday cocktails / OOTD / birthday cupcakes / fashion mags / arm candyyyy / airport outfit / my best friend / banoffee pie / holiday / my boyyy / uni gals! / my face

INSTAGRAM - shannylou


Monday, 24 September 2012


so basically, i seem to have taken an unintentional break over the summer! lots has been going on to be fair, and in all honesty, i was trying to enjoy my last summer at home before moving to london. which is where i am right now! i have now fully enrolled onto a fashion buying management course at westminster uni and have made the move to london! i am super excited about being here and thats why i am starting up my blog again, and FOR DEFINITE this time. i figured being a fashion student now, and for the next 4 years, i'm going to have tons i want to document about. however i am living in halls which means my room is literally a box which is going to make my life incredibly difficult when wanting to take pictures but i'm not going to try and let this get in the way of things!
and lastly to all my current followers, thank you for sticking around!


Friday, 22 June 2012

what i'm wearing going out 005

Been absolutely DYING to wear this playsuit for so long! I bought it about a month ago and have been saving it for a big night out! With this look I also decided to enter the River Island competition thats happening on Lookbook at the moment, so would really appreciate it if you all hyped it:)
I am loving peplum so much at the minute, the wings on the playsuit make my waist look a bit smaller which I just love! The print on this is very out there but it's a fun print and I like wearing things that stand out a bit when I'm on a night out!

PLAYSUIT - River Island
HAND CHAIN - Miss Selfridge
HEELS - New Look


Thursday, 21 June 2012

what i'm wearing 026

Due to the loooovely weather I decided to take a picture of todays outfit outside. I wish I could take my pictures outside all the time but it's always raining or too cold to do that!

Im wearing a newly purchased Topshop pleated skirt, which i bought in black because black goes with everything! I'm also wearing a crop top from forever 21. I originally bought this in navy and loved it so much i went back for this white one and a royal blue coloured one! They were pretty cheap as well at only £8.
I'm off out tonight with all my girls, for the first time in about 3 months! I'm so excited:) tonight will be a belated 'i've finished college!!!!' celebration!

SKIRT - Topshop
TOP & WATCH - Forever 21
SHOES - Topshop
NECKLACE - Miss Selfridge
BRACELET - Claire's accessories


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

what i'm wearing 025

I'm back guys! college is done! which i'm so so happy about! i can finally relax and enjoy the summer.
been looking for a simple white shirt for a while now and found this in miss selfridge. there was a sale going on in there too but i didnt find much that i fancied, other than the jewellery that was on sale! that's where i found the necklace i'm wearing, the pink crystals are so pretty and it will make any plain outfit i wear look immediately more interesting.

SHIRT - miss selfrigde
NECKLACE - miss selfridge

lastly, just want to say that i'm definitely gunna be focusing a lot more on my blog and such over the summer because it's starting to become something i'm really proud of and want to keep up with.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

instagram diary 001

college work is really starting to pile up, but I have 8 days left!? then i can literally just run around everywhere and not worry about anything for a good 3 months :) the next two weeks i will be absent but i'm a newbie on TWITTER so feel free to follow me - @shannylouuu & follow me on instagram username - shannylou
swarovski ring (NO i'm not engaged!) ; free gingerbread man, yes please ; OOTD ; half of final college project ready to hand in ; breakfast before gym - standard procedures ; me & my best girly ; Ted loving the queen ; nails of the week ; OOTD

Thursday, 24 May 2012

what i'm wearing 024

Just wanted to show my pretty new watches. Yes they are both the same watch, just different colours! As I've said before, I'm a very co-ordinated dresser and everything, especially my jewellery, has to match! I've become a massive watch fan ever since i discovered Michael Kors and have been looking for a simple silver & rose gold watch for ages, so I couldn't ignore these lovely ones even if they are the same design! They were £25 each which together meant they ended up being quite pricey, and I will have to have some links taken out of them because they are rather large. Overall though, I'm very pleased with them, I just hope they don't start to discolour at some point!

P.S. THANKYOU so much for all your comments on my last post to do with picture upload sites, I can't believe I didnt even notice the blogger picture uploader!? I am sooooo silly! And now that I've noticed the uploader & am using it, it is honestly going to make my life so much easier:')


Friday, 11 May 2012

what i'm wearing 023

as you can see i'm continuing the pink theme here. but i mainlyyyy wanted to show you my new-ish AA disco pants! yes, i know i'm slightly late on the whole hype of them in terms of the blogging world but i've just been waiting for a good time to purchase them. they are honestly the BEST item i have ever bought in my life and they are soooo versatile! i can wear them going out with crop tops and heels, or casually with a t-shirt/blouse and brogues/vans. amazing. yes, £70, pricey but for something that can be worn with so many things, the price is definitely not an issue. the shoes are my second pair of pink soled shoes, these were in the Topshop sale for £20, not bad at all! you'll definitely be seeing these trousers pop up alot in the near future because i just cannot stop wearing them!

CARDIGAN - Topshop sale - £10
TSHIRT - Topshop sale - £8
TROUSERS - American Apparel - £70
SHOES - Topshop sale - £20

P.S anyone know any good quality sites where i can upload pics to, to then put them on here???? i currently use tinypic but it makes the quality of my pictures so awful!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

what i'm wearing 022

Oh my god, I haven't posted for so long! This is honestly just out of pure laziness, and I've also feeling a bit self conscious about the way I look recently therefore haven't really been in the mood to take pictures:( but I've got a tonnnn of stuff to show you guys and post about so I promise I'm gunna get back into regular blogging as of NOW.
So, kinda obsessed with everything pink at the moment. These jeans are hitting my pink craving in just the right spot. The shoes are 1 of 2 pairs I've bought recently that are sporting a pink sole, how cute are they?! I knowwww this is an incredibly summery outfit, that doesn't particularly match the english weather we've been having, but I thought I'd bring a little brightness into peoples lives today!

TOP - Topshop sale - £18
JEANS - Topshop - £38
SHOES - Topshop - £32
NECKLACE - Dorothy Perkins sale - £3

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

what i'm wearing 021

Here's me, wearing no black for once;) I am lllloving rose gold jewellery at the minute. I've lusted over the Michael Kors rose gold watch for atleast a good year of my life! Simple 'out to brunch' outfit today.

Jumper - £7 H&M
Trousers - Urban Outfitters NYC
Cube Necklace - £8 Bershka
Looped necklace - £8 H&M

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

what i'm wearing going out 004

HELLO to all my beautiful new followers!
I went out in LDN the other night and this is what I wore. I've had this mint, sparkly (even though you can't see the sparkles very well!) Topshop dress for about a month now, just been waiting for the right time to wear it, and the night out in LDN was fiiiinally the perfect time I could show it off. It's from the petite section in Topshop because I'm quite small, I find the dresses in the petite section are just the perfect length for my height. I decided to pair the dress with these pink neon Primark shoes; they were £12. I think the mint and pink are the perfect contrast and I received so many compliments especially on the shoes.
Overall my first night out in LDN was really good, this dress was so comfortable and easy to wear, yet still glamourous!


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

what i'm wearing 020

This shirt is print craaaazy, how gorgeous is it though!? Matalan, £16 - I think that's pretty crazy too (a good crazy)
Anyone on "What I Wore Today" ?? I love this site, you can literally upload anything and the pics don't always have to be amazing quality which means aaanyone can use it - follow me guysss!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

what i'm wearing 019

As promised, here is the other half of my new Ted Baker uniform. The shirt has such a fun print on it which is why I chose it and this shirt is £89. I chose the blue jeans because I think the bright colour really works well with the dark shirt, and they are £79. We have to wear heels at work so I chose some contrasting orange heels which are sooo comfortable! They're from Matalan for £16! This is a more casual look compared to my pink dress which is why the heels just make it look a little bit more smart.

So, I'm off to work now! :)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

weekly nails 004

picked up this lil pot of luminous orange nail varnish from ASDA for £1.75. literally such a gorgeous colour, the pictures don't do it justice really! it's a real fruity orange and you only need one coat of this stuff, dries suuuuper quick too! to be fair for £1.75, I would happily buy 10 more :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

what i'm wearing 018

So as I mentioned in a previous post I've just got myself a job at Ted Baker and now that I've been working there for a couple of weeks I was able to get my uniform! It was literally the most exciting thing as I'd had in my head what I wanted to buy since starting there! I'm going to show my uniform in two parts because it consists of two different outfits.
The first outfit is a pink bodycon dress, available at a retail price of £129 but I was able to get 75% off, how amazing! The dress is honestly the most comfortable thing ever, not too tight or anything. & the colour is just so beautiful, can't wait to wear it at work!
Ted Baker has never been somewhere i've ever chosen to shop due to their prices being so high but they honestly do have some really pretty things, very summery & bright, I'd recommend having a look at their stufffffff:)

I'll post my other half of my uniform soon!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

what i'm wearing 017

Just some pics taken on my MAC, not very exciting, I just noticed this day that I was wearing a lot of gold jewellery. I mostly wear gold jewellery and am never one to wear gold & silver at the same time! my watch I've mentioned in a previous post is from Forever 21 in New York for $20, it is perfect. The collar necklace is from H&M, but I can only wear it with certain shirt's, as its quite short most shirt's tend to hide it! The long cluster of 3D squares necklace is again from Forever 21, I put it on my own gold chain because it's original gold chain broke!
Lastly my fake Shambala bracelet. I know these bracelets are now absolutely eeeeeeverywhere for very cheap, but when I got mine, it was quite expensive for a bracelet, in my opinion. I mean, it was definitely more than £20! I have a blue one too & I love them, I don't care if they're seen as tacky now, I wear mine everyday.
These pics aren't very inspiring, but my jewellery is a big part of my everyday outfit building, I'm a very co-ordinated dresser and the jewellery is as equally important as the top and trousers I wear, if not, maybe more important..??

Saturday, 10 March 2012

what i'm wearing going out 003

I am aware I havent posted in a very long time however I've been feeling really under the weather recently and college assignments are slowly building up due to it being the end of term in 2 WEEKS!! I've also just got myself a job at Ted Baker in House of Fraser on Oxford St. So lots of stuff going on with me at the minute, just give me time give me tiiiiime & once I'm on easter hols I'll start posting mroe reguarly.
In the mean time, this is an outfit I wore out on a recent Thursday night. Treated myself to a whole new Topshop outfit. Bought the shorts I spoke about a few posts ago, adoreeeee them!! The top has a slit down the front and back, so so prettyyyy.
SHORTS - £34 TOP - £30

Hope y'all can forgive me for my absence! X X X

Monday, 27 February 2012

inspiration 001

some recent posts from my tumblr

Saturday, 25 February 2012

what i'm wearing going out 002

Off out again tonight and this is what I'm wearing. How much do you adoreee the pattern and colours on this dress? Never thought I could be in love with an item of clothing so much hahaa. This dress was £36 (not including student discount!) and its from the petite section because I find dresses in Topshop always appear that little bit too long. This was a very recent purchase, as soon as I saw it on the website I knew I had to have it, I've seen it in a couple of fashion mags recently too.

The shoes are pretty new too. They may look incredibly high but they are the most comfortable high heeled shoes I've ever owned. £24.99 from New Look, amazing right?
For someone who wears ALOT of black, this outfit is just a little more fun and 'out there' hmm I hope I don't spill any drinks on it tonight!

lust list 001

So at the minute I am completely in love with all kinds of shorts, especially hot pants. Topshop are bringing out some amazing ones in all different styles, patterns & materials. I am loving it! These 3 are ones that have particularly caught my eye, especially the first pair. I tried them on at the Oxford St. store and they fitted so well, sooo tempted to buy them! Shorts like these are so good to go out in too, thats why the sequin covered hot pants are also on the list.

What do you think,will you be wearing the hot pant this Spring??

Monday, 20 February 2012

what i'm wearing 016

I am aware I've been doing a lot of outfit posts, I've got a few other stuff I wanna post about which I will do soon, just so we all don't get too bored! I have an incredibly busy week lined up, including a university interview on Thursday and a job interview at Ted Baker House of Fraser in Oxford St. LDN which I'm praaaaying I get as I'm in desperate need of money atm!

Anyways this is just another college outfit, prettay average, just cant get away from the shirts & jumpers combo!! This diamond jumper from Topshop is seasons old, but its a fav of mine, so easy to throw on and layer with silver jewellery. Oh & the leggings are cranberry coloured but you cant see it all that well:(


Saturday, 18 February 2012

what i'm wearing 015

Just off out to dinner! Feeling very sparklyyy, love the scalloping on this top, was totally worth £30. Both the top and shorts are from River Island, got them in November, which I found strange, finding denim shorts in a shop in November? But ended up being quite convenient actually because I went to Mexico at Christmas so these shorts were perfect for it.

TAGS ON LB guysssss

Friday, 17 February 2012

what i'm wearing going out 001

Hey beautifuls, I've decided to start posting the outfits I wear when I go out on Saturday & Thursday nights.
So this is what I wore on a Thursday student night. I decided to go for the neon yellow bralet (even though you cant tell its neon in this picture) because I'm seeing and loving all the neon colours going on at the moment for S/S 2012. The studded belt and silver jewellery just tie the whole outfit together and make it more 'me'. The studded belt I've had for about 3 years & it's such a winnerrrr.

BRALET - Hollister BODY CON SKIRT - H&M BELT - Matalan WATCH - New Look

Thursday, 16 February 2012

what i'm wearing 014

College said we had to dress smartly today for visitors we were getting, don't think I succeeded too well? But this is what I was drawn to this morning, so if its smart or not I don't care, I'm gunna wear it! Injected some colour into my life today, love this shirt from Primark - flowy and simple. The slippers from Topshop are my favourite and most comfortable shoe at the minute, I recommend them dearly.

Nail Varnish from Barry M. And my gold watch, my faithful gold watch, would you believe it was £12? Forever 21, what a gem.

Just also wanna say thankyou to all the lovely comments I've recieved on the last few posts, you guys are beauts!


Sunday, 12 February 2012

what i'm wearing 013

Bought this jumper from Select for £7 in the sale. As you may be aware I am slightly in love with fur, so I couldn't not buy this, its so warm too. My body chain is from Dorothy Perkins and I've seen so many of them around lately, I think they are just so different and make an outfit look so much more interesting in comparison to wearing just a standard necklace. The leggings are also from select for £8, so so comfortable! And the leather panels are just amazinnnn'

Saturday, 11 February 2012

what i'm wearing 012

good morning! MORE SNOW today, would preferably like it to stop because I just wanna wear shorts/skirts/dresses! However I do enjoy how the snow makes everything look so bright though.

my old faithful fur coat which I've had for about 2 years now, river island, such a winner got me through some tough times this coat has!

and how cute it this lil hat?! £5 Topshop sale, its sooo warm and snug. I've honestly never been a hat person but I think due to the fact my hair is getting looonger I can pull them off alright now.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

what i'm wearing 011

I'm feeling incredibly lazy today, hence my lazy looking outfit. The problem I find with winter is not being able to dress how I want to because all i want to do is wear 100 layers :(
-0 I think it was today? anyway, got this scarf from Primark for £3, cant justify £3 really can you! especially due to the fact I'm a shopper who is always on a budget.

I've discovered something new, I quite enjoy it

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

what i'm wearing 010

In September I got accepted into The Fashion Retail Academy in London and seeing as I haven't posted since August (!!!) I thought I'd update you with that lil fact. I love going there, I'm learning so much and its part of whats given me the urge to start posting more. God, why am i so lazy?! So most of the outfits I post will be of what I wear to college.

Today is cold, so I opted for furrrr. My fur is from Zara. The lipstick is new, I'm going to review it soon.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

weekly nails 003

dip dye nails.
yellow - American Apparel Neon nail varnish, lilac - Urban Outfitters


I'm feeling inspired.