Monday, 27 February 2012

inspiration 001

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

what i'm wearing going out 002

Off out again tonight and this is what I'm wearing. How much do you adoreee the pattern and colours on this dress? Never thought I could be in love with an item of clothing so much hahaa. This dress was £36 (not including student discount!) and its from the petite section because I find dresses in Topshop always appear that little bit too long. This was a very recent purchase, as soon as I saw it on the website I knew I had to have it, I've seen it in a couple of fashion mags recently too.

The shoes are pretty new too. They may look incredibly high but they are the most comfortable high heeled shoes I've ever owned. £24.99 from New Look, amazing right?
For someone who wears ALOT of black, this outfit is just a little more fun and 'out there' hmm I hope I don't spill any drinks on it tonight!

lust list 001

So at the minute I am completely in love with all kinds of shorts, especially hot pants. Topshop are bringing out some amazing ones in all different styles, patterns & materials. I am loving it! These 3 are ones that have particularly caught my eye, especially the first pair. I tried them on at the Oxford St. store and they fitted so well, sooo tempted to buy them! Shorts like these are so good to go out in too, thats why the sequin covered hot pants are also on the list.

What do you think,will you be wearing the hot pant this Spring??

Monday, 20 February 2012

what i'm wearing 016

I am aware I've been doing a lot of outfit posts, I've got a few other stuff I wanna post about which I will do soon, just so we all don't get too bored! I have an incredibly busy week lined up, including a university interview on Thursday and a job interview at Ted Baker House of Fraser in Oxford St. LDN which I'm praaaaying I get as I'm in desperate need of money atm!

Anyways this is just another college outfit, prettay average, just cant get away from the shirts & jumpers combo!! This diamond jumper from Topshop is seasons old, but its a fav of mine, so easy to throw on and layer with silver jewellery. Oh & the leggings are cranberry coloured but you cant see it all that well:(


Saturday, 18 February 2012

what i'm wearing 015

Just off out to dinner! Feeling very sparklyyy, love the scalloping on this top, was totally worth £30. Both the top and shorts are from River Island, got them in November, which I found strange, finding denim shorts in a shop in November? But ended up being quite convenient actually because I went to Mexico at Christmas so these shorts were perfect for it.

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Friday, 17 February 2012

what i'm wearing going out 001

Hey beautifuls, I've decided to start posting the outfits I wear when I go out on Saturday & Thursday nights.
So this is what I wore on a Thursday student night. I decided to go for the neon yellow bralet (even though you cant tell its neon in this picture) because I'm seeing and loving all the neon colours going on at the moment for S/S 2012. The studded belt and silver jewellery just tie the whole outfit together and make it more 'me'. The studded belt I've had for about 3 years & it's such a winnerrrr.

BRALET - Hollister BODY CON SKIRT - H&M BELT - Matalan WATCH - New Look

Thursday, 16 February 2012

what i'm wearing 014

College said we had to dress smartly today for visitors we were getting, don't think I succeeded too well? But this is what I was drawn to this morning, so if its smart or not I don't care, I'm gunna wear it! Injected some colour into my life today, love this shirt from Primark - flowy and simple. The slippers from Topshop are my favourite and most comfortable shoe at the minute, I recommend them dearly.

Nail Varnish from Barry M. And my gold watch, my faithful gold watch, would you believe it was £12? Forever 21, what a gem.

Just also wanna say thankyou to all the lovely comments I've recieved on the last few posts, you guys are beauts!


Sunday, 12 February 2012

what i'm wearing 013

Bought this jumper from Select for £7 in the sale. As you may be aware I am slightly in love with fur, so I couldn't not buy this, its so warm too. My body chain is from Dorothy Perkins and I've seen so many of them around lately, I think they are just so different and make an outfit look so much more interesting in comparison to wearing just a standard necklace. The leggings are also from select for £8, so so comfortable! And the leather panels are just amazinnnn'

Saturday, 11 February 2012

what i'm wearing 012

good morning! MORE SNOW today, would preferably like it to stop because I just wanna wear shorts/skirts/dresses! However I do enjoy how the snow makes everything look so bright though.

my old faithful fur coat which I've had for about 2 years now, river island, such a winner got me through some tough times this coat has!

and how cute it this lil hat?! £5 Topshop sale, its sooo warm and snug. I've honestly never been a hat person but I think due to the fact my hair is getting looonger I can pull them off alright now.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

what i'm wearing 011

I'm feeling incredibly lazy today, hence my lazy looking outfit. The problem I find with winter is not being able to dress how I want to because all i want to do is wear 100 layers :(
-0 I think it was today? anyway, got this scarf from Primark for £3, cant justify £3 really can you! especially due to the fact I'm a shopper who is always on a budget.

I've discovered something new, I quite enjoy it

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

what i'm wearing 010

In September I got accepted into The Fashion Retail Academy in London and seeing as I haven't posted since August (!!!) I thought I'd update you with that lil fact. I love going there, I'm learning so much and its part of whats given me the urge to start posting more. God, why am i so lazy?! So most of the outfits I post will be of what I wear to college.

Today is cold, so I opted for furrrr. My fur is from Zara. The lipstick is new, I'm going to review it soon.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

weekly nails 003

dip dye nails.
yellow - American Apparel Neon nail varnish, lilac - Urban Outfitters


I'm feeling inspired.