Thursday, 15 March 2012

what i'm wearing 017

Just some pics taken on my MAC, not very exciting, I just noticed this day that I was wearing a lot of gold jewellery. I mostly wear gold jewellery and am never one to wear gold & silver at the same time! my watch I've mentioned in a previous post is from Forever 21 in New York for $20, it is perfect. The collar necklace is from H&M, but I can only wear it with certain shirt's, as its quite short most shirt's tend to hide it! The long cluster of 3D squares necklace is again from Forever 21, I put it on my own gold chain because it's original gold chain broke!
Lastly my fake Shambala bracelet. I know these bracelets are now absolutely eeeeeeverywhere for very cheap, but when I got mine, it was quite expensive for a bracelet, in my opinion. I mean, it was definitely more than £20! I have a blue one too & I love them, I don't care if they're seen as tacky now, I wear mine everyday.
These pics aren't very inspiring, but my jewellery is a big part of my everyday outfit building, I'm a very co-ordinated dresser and the jewellery is as equally important as the top and trousers I wear, if not, maybe more important..??


  1. Had a real stalk through your blog today haha,
    and i must say your fashion sense is simply amazing.
    +& you are soooo beautiful. <3

    Fashion Spy

  2. Im the same babe...I think jewellery/accessories make or break an outfit!
    I have the H&M collar necklace and everyone always comments on it when I wear it :)statement piece!!