Thursday, 24 May 2012

what i'm wearing 024

Just wanted to show my pretty new watches. Yes they are both the same watch, just different colours! As I've said before, I'm a very co-ordinated dresser and everything, especially my jewellery, has to match! I've become a massive watch fan ever since i discovered Michael Kors and have been looking for a simple silver & rose gold watch for ages, so I couldn't ignore these lovely ones even if they are the same design! They were £25 each which together meant they ended up being quite pricey, and I will have to have some links taken out of them because they are rather large. Overall though, I'm very pleased with them, I just hope they don't start to discolour at some point!

P.S. THANKYOU so much for all your comments on my last post to do with picture upload sites, I can't believe I didnt even notice the blogger picture uploader!? I am sooooo silly! And now that I've noticed the uploader & am using it, it is honestly going to make my life so much easier:')


Friday, 11 May 2012

what i'm wearing 023

as you can see i'm continuing the pink theme here. but i mainlyyyy wanted to show you my new-ish AA disco pants! yes, i know i'm slightly late on the whole hype of them in terms of the blogging world but i've just been waiting for a good time to purchase them. they are honestly the BEST item i have ever bought in my life and they are soooo versatile! i can wear them going out with crop tops and heels, or casually with a t-shirt/blouse and brogues/vans. amazing. yes, £70, pricey but for something that can be worn with so many things, the price is definitely not an issue. the shoes are my second pair of pink soled shoes, these were in the Topshop sale for £20, not bad at all! you'll definitely be seeing these trousers pop up alot in the near future because i just cannot stop wearing them!

CARDIGAN - Topshop sale - £10
TSHIRT - Topshop sale - £8
TROUSERS - American Apparel - £70
SHOES - Topshop sale - £20

P.S anyone know any good quality sites where i can upload pics to, to then put them on here???? i currently use tinypic but it makes the quality of my pictures so awful!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

what i'm wearing 022

Oh my god, I haven't posted for so long! This is honestly just out of pure laziness, and I've also feeling a bit self conscious about the way I look recently therefore haven't really been in the mood to take pictures:( but I've got a tonnnn of stuff to show you guys and post about so I promise I'm gunna get back into regular blogging as of NOW.
So, kinda obsessed with everything pink at the moment. These jeans are hitting my pink craving in just the right spot. The shoes are 1 of 2 pairs I've bought recently that are sporting a pink sole, how cute are they?! I knowwww this is an incredibly summery outfit, that doesn't particularly match the english weather we've been having, but I thought I'd bring a little brightness into peoples lives today!

TOP - Topshop sale - £18
JEANS - Topshop - £38
SHOES - Topshop - £32
NECKLACE - Dorothy Perkins sale - £3