Monday, 24 September 2012


so basically, i seem to have taken an unintentional break over the summer! lots has been going on to be fair, and in all honesty, i was trying to enjoy my last summer at home before moving to london. which is where i am right now! i have now fully enrolled onto a fashion buying management course at westminster uni and have made the move to london! i am super excited about being here and thats why i am starting up my blog again, and FOR DEFINITE this time. i figured being a fashion student now, and for the next 4 years, i'm going to have tons i want to document about. however i am living in halls which means my room is literally a box which is going to make my life incredibly difficult when wanting to take pictures but i'm not going to try and let this get in the way of things!
and lastly to all my current followers, thank you for sticking around!


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  1. welcome back yay
    your course sounds so nice! exciting to live in London! x