Tuesday, 15 January 2013


HELLO READERS! Hope you all had a loooovely xmas & fab new years! Not gunna comment on how bad Ive been at blogging, once again! But this shits getting real now, I am determined to become a more frequent blogger in 2013. (it will happen one day)
Do ya like my new shoes? Real creepers guys!
Now, I never did jump on the creepers band wagon when they came into fashion last year because I never thought I could pull them off. But here I am, January 2013 with a LEOPARD PRINT pair! Surprisingly, they fit in with a lot of things I have in  my current wardrobe. I initially looked at them because of their sale price; from Office £40 down from £95 - how amazing! When I decided to try them on I was surprised further by how comfortable they were and how they didn't make my feet look twice their normal size. After about 10 minutes of deliberation I was sold. The print is actually like, real fur aswell. Yep, definitely won't be taking these off for a good few months.


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  1. They're amaaaazing! I still have to get me some Underground creepers, not sure which ones I'd pick though! So much choice.

  2. These are amazing, oh i love the print and for the real deal £40 is a steal!


  3. I love your shoes! And I like the blog too so I am following you now :)